The Global Military Family Coalition (GMFC) Team

GMFC is comprised of “community ambassadors,” “advisors” and “friends of GMFC.” They are all community-centric volunteers who within their personal and professional capacities subscribe to the core values of the GMFC and serve to promote its programs. Individually they support military families found within local, national and global communities or entities. Collectively they serve as champions and guardians of military families, and individuals thereof, wherever they may be serving or residing.

Community Ambassadors are members of the governing body, whose duties and service includes the empowerment of military families within a specific global, national or local community or group. This leadership position is ideal for those with an interest in furthering the global mission of the GMFC. Their primary role is to serve as conduits between the GMFC and their community. They serve as the single point of contact for a community, herein known as a “bench,” or collection of benches, with the primary goal of connecting that community, or population, to local, regional or global resources.

Advisors serve as subject matter experts across the full spectrum of the GMFC. They provide expert consult and guidance. They may be found attached to the board of   directors, the professional managing staff, advisories, committees, campaigns, projects and specific officers or members for a special, or day-to-day operation.

Friends of GMFC are citizens who because they consider themselves citizens of the world, subscribe to our core values and the mission of our movement. They serve as volunteer centers of influence in their personal, professional and social activities utilizing their affiliations to promote and sustain the GMFC. Among their most critical efforts is the harvesting of financial support, and other military family and organizational sustainment resources, that will perpetuate the mission of GMFC.